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Recently I have bought a cheap diagnostics cable to tinker with. It came with Techstream software that only runs on old Windows machines. Since I did not want to maintain a separate old laptop just for this I’ve created this guide to show how to run this software using whatever Windows, Linux or MacOS laptop you have.


We will be running Techstream inside a virtual machine so the first step is to install VirtualBox. A good description of how to do that can be found here.

In addition to the VirtualBox you will also need extension tools that allow you to forward physical USB ports of your laptop to the VM. A good tutorial on how to do that can be found here.

Setup VM

Once you have your virtualization software installed, you have to import the VM:

  • Download the image from here
  • Click on import appliance and select the file that you just download: Example image 2
  • Follow the import wizard and finish importing the virtual machine.

Running Techstream

Once the VM is imported we can test it out to make sure that everything runs properly:

  • Let’s start the VM first, once it starts up you should see the screen below: Example image 3
  • Inside the terminal press 3 -> Enter -> Device Info, you should see the screen below: Example image 4 Since all the fields are empty this means that the USB diagnostics cable is not connected which makes sense, we have not setup passthrough from the USB port to the VM.
  • Now connect your diagnostics cable and forward the USB port to your VM: Example image 5 Tick HX M-VCI or however the diagnostic device is called on your computer. If you have setup VirtualBox extension tools correctly after clicking Device Info again you should be able to see: Example image 6

Connect to a vehicle

I all steps above were successful now you are ready to connect to a vehicle:

  • Connect the diagnostics cable to your car
  • Inside the terminal type 1 -> Enter
  • Enjoy…


This is a quick tutorial on how to run virtualized Techstream, in case you are more tech savvy you can setup other virtualization software like Virtual Machine Manager to run the same VM.

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